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About The Event

What began as a series of private lessons, the annual Synergy Camp has now evolved into a one-week intensive that allows students to develop, sharpen, and cultivate a variety of percussion skills along with educating them on the various career opportunities that exist within the music industry. Synergy also plans to release the Synergy Network app which will include a virtual version of the camp along with many other features.


Since 2015, we have developed a system that connects industry professionals and students, which has led to our students being featured on platforms and receiving opportunities that otherwise, they’d have no access to.

CULTIVATING SKILLS: To strengthen techniques pertaining to percussion and drum set styles; to broaden perspectives on other industry related careers such as music production and engineering, while understanding the significance of applying synergism.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Students will be placed in an environment where the importance of building character is emphasized. Students will learn skills such as financial literacy, importance of building resumes and bios and receive exclusive insight on opportunities and how to secure a job in the industry.

MENTAL HEALTH: Research proves there are many psychological benefits of music. Extra curricular music activities, when executed in a healthy environment, cater to mental health by reducing the stress, anxiety and depression for young students.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH: Provide students with activities that place them in a positive, structured and secure learning environment. Students who view their academic environment as positive, meaningful and productive are less likely to be involved in serious delinquency and risky behavior.

Expound your knowledge | Network with industry professionals | Showcase your talents



With drumline being the core and foundation of Synergy, students will be able to enhance their skills and knowledge on how to approach their instrument. The focus will include marching, drum set and orchestral percussion, rudiments and music theory training and arranging & composition exercises.


Students will gain an overall understanding for various styles of music (Jazz, Rock, Funk, R&B, Latin styles), the difference between hybrid drumming and acoustic drumming, as well as being knowledgeable about your gear.

Music Production

Enhances the students understanding of various Digital Audio Workstations or "DAW", styles (Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Electronic), sound design and mixing. In addition, students will have a clear understanding of producing vs. beatmaking and how to facilitate the industry as a producer, collaborator and networking.


Hearing from some of the industries most well-known producers, managers, and influencers, students will receive information on what it takes to build careers, relationships in the industry and how to take advantage of brand management.

Students will learn techniques of how to write professional resumes and bios, effective rehearsal and performance etiquette, brand marketing, financial literacy and the basics of music business. 


Synergy Network Convention is the premier event for Synergy Network Conference 2022, taking place July 28th at Palm Beach State College. The event will consist of live masterclasses and panel discussions from the music industries top professionals. Attendees will be able to interact with an array of vendors in music education, live & studio audio and event technology. The event will conclude with a showcase performance featuring Synergy 2022 students and guest artist.

Past Highlights

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Chopped 2020_Clinic (Large)

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