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Introducing Synergy, an extraordinary candle that embodies the essence of "All Together As One." This meticulously crafted masterpiece handcrafted by Jerry Howard, blends vanilla, oud, coconut milk, and cashmere into a harmonious aroma that celebrates unity. From the moment you encounter Synergy, its captivating scent fosters a sense of togetherness, inviting you to explore its intricate layers. As the fragrance unfolds, a sweet synergistic smell emerges, harmonizing the softness of vanilla, the allure of oud, the soothing embrace of coconut milk, and the luxurious touch of cashmere. Synergy illuminates your space with a reminder of the power of unity and the beauty that emerges when we come together.


Illuminate your surroundings with Synergy and embrace the transformative experience it offers. This candle symbolizes "All Together As One," radiating a captivating fragrance that celebrates unity, connection, and boundless possibilities. Let the enchanting blend of vanilla, oud, coconut milk, and cashmere fill the air, creating a warm and joyous ambiance. With Synergy, discover the harmony that arises when different elements unite, and embrace the profound sense of togetherness it brings.

"Synergy" Essence of Unity Candle

1 Ounce
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